Making Tough Manuever To Runway To Avoid Noise Pollution

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Making Tough Manuever To Runway To Avoid Noise Pollution
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:42:45 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice British Caledenian A310 charter flight from EGKK Gatwick Airport 29.5 miles south of Central London to LFMN Nice Côte d'Azur Airport 3.7 miles southwest of Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes départment of France carrying movie celebrities and motion picture industry bigwigs to Nice to attend Cannes film festival that requires tight maneuver stunt to the airport to observe noise pollution ordinance

Airborne on climb to F350 passing background view of suburbs of London

Nice wing view of suburbs of London

Climbing climbing climbing to start the route:    MID UN615 XAMAB UL612 RESMI UM728 OBEPA UM133 LERGA UY30 LATAM UY22 NISAR   (Sorry if I did not clean dirt around passenger doors )

Intercepting MID waypoint above green countyside of West Sussex where you can see in front of nose Ebernoe Common Nature Reserve and turning left to head eastward toward France

You can see River Adur below the plane

Passing city or town of Worthing where you can see motorway A27 behind the tail of the plane

Crossing waters of famous English Channel

Cruising at F350 across English Channel with view of France looming ahead

Intercepting VEUlE while approaching and passing French shore where French nuclear reactor called CNPE De Paluel is located in front of nose

Passing entire city landscape of Paris and its Seine river on way to intercept RESMI

Wing view of Paris and its LFPO Paris Orly Airport located partially in Orly and partially in Villeneuve-le-Roi seven miles south of Paris

Cruising across French countyside

Forgot the name of those high hills

You can see Swiss Alps in background

On descent from Fl350 to 10,000 ft

At 10,000 ft above forests of Parc Naturel Regional Des Prealpes D Azur

Wing view of same area

Now starting very difficult maneuver on way to runway 04left that requires the plane to fly along few miles off the shore and make sharp right turn to runway when the runway comes into visual as wealthy people of Nice do not want noise pollution by planes over the city and beach shores

You can see in the successive screenshots the plane keeping its REQUIRED distance away from the French shore for sake of noise pollution while at 3,000 ft

Wing view showing required distance between the plane and the French shore

Making left turn few miles off the shore of the area of de la Garoupe to get ready for difficult approach

Deploying landing gear

Wing view of city port of Antibes which is famous resort place located between Cannes and Nice

Passing Antibes city landscape

Runway 04left is now in visual and time for sharp 90 degree right turn

Starting sharp right turn while keeping distance away from the French shore for sake of noise pollution

Positioning to approach to the runway 04left

Seconds before touchdown


Braking down

Exiting from runway to taxiway on way to gate with background view of mountains of Bezaudun-les-Alpes

Thank you for viewing!!  Stay tuned for next exciting trip!!