Special Christmas Flight

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Special Christmas Flight
« on: December 30, 2019, 02:04:42 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a special Christmas charter flight from ENBR Bergen Airport located at Flesland in Bergen, Norway to EKVG Vágar Airport located 1 mile east of the village of Sørvágur on the island of Vágar bringing workers from Bergen back home to Faroe Islands for Christmas with their families

Passengers boarding this special Christmas charter flight using 737-800SFP with special Christmas livery

Festival Christmas lights have been installed exclusively for special holiday occasion

look at some plane with call sign UKV5097 making final runway approach to runway 17 (you can spot the plane above SAS plane tail

Jetway started to disconnecting and closing its doors

You can see that the jetway is now completely disconnected

Calling the airport control tower requesting for IRF clearance to EKVG

IRF and pushback clearances had been granted and now commencing the pushback

Do not know why the UKV plane aborted the landing and climbed to 6,000ft while the holiday plane was in middle of pushback

Nice tail and sunrise

Finished with pushback

Turning off Christmas lights and starting engines which resulted into cool engine start smokes

Now taxiing to short of runway 17

Still taxiing

Passing the airport lake called lake langavatnet

Holding short of runway 17 awaiting for take off clearance from the airport control tower

Take off clearance granted and now started to enter into runway for take off

Despite being extremely heavily loaded with Christmas gifts, necessity supplies, and food brought abroad by passengers due to the fact it was cheaper to shop in Bergan than it was in Faroe Islands, the plane managed to have powerful take off utilizing its SFP feature and commenced climb to fl340

Making right turn to go to west to Faroe Islands while turning on Christmas lights to create festive mood

Climbing through clouds

Still on climb to fl340 starting to cross waters of North Sea

Still on climb with nice sunrise view

Making some route adjustment

Cruising at fl340 with nice view of moon

Crossing North Sea

Check out nice sunrise

Say good bye to Norway in background while you can see BOTH sun and moon in sky

Nice Christmas lights!

Cruising spewing out contrails

Passing lots of puffs of clouds during North Sea crossing

Wow I did not know that I could see Scotland while crossing North Sea between Norway and Faroe Islands as you can see in front of the nose small town of Skaw on northeast of Shetland islands

Passing Shetland islands in background indicated time for descent from fl340 to 10,000 ft

Still descending

Oh yeah descending through clouds can be fun or scary

Emerging out of clouds at 5,000 ft

Approaching Faroe islands seen in front of nose

At 4,000 ft

Turning off Christmas lights and deployed landing gear on runway approach to runway 30

Passing town of Sandavagar where you can see below front landing gear some soccer field called Valloyran and you can see river called Stora below the plane. You can see below left engine a white building with red roof which is a church called Sandavágs kirkja

Approaching another town called Miovagar with its port seen below left engine

Passing both towns of Sandavager seen in background and Miovagar seen below plane

Approaching same town of Miovagar with its soccer field

Passing MB Arena soccer field

Approaching river called Sorvagsvatn River on way to runway 30

Seconds before touchdown


Front landing gear gliding down slowly

Front wheels making runway contact

Passing yellow Atlantic Airways hangar

Getting ready to exit from runway into taxiway to approach passenger terminal

Passing fire house and airport tower

Arrived with Christmas festival lights turned on at passenger terminal to unload workers and heavy loads of their Christmas gifts, food, and necessities

Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciting flight.