Binghamton Fy In Vatsim Event Dated 1/18/20

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Binghamton Fy In Vatsim Event Dated 1/18/20
« on: January 30, 2020, 01:41:33 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a beautiful early morning cargo fight from KILN Wilmington Air Park which is main DHl cargo hub airport two nautical miles southeast of the central business district of Wilmington, Ohio, United States to KBGM Greater Binghamton Airport located eight miles north of New York state city Binghamton which is home of one of major IBM centers

On airborne and on climb to F310 after take off from runway 04 with background view of highway route number 73

With background view of the same highway still on climb to Fl310  carrying heavy loads of supplies, business letters, and computer parts bound for IBM

Making right turn to start the route APE LLONG CIP CFB

Now heading to east following highway route 71

Still climbing to F310

Check out beautiful night sky with many stars

You can see that the plane is still following highway route number 71

Check out nice combo of tail and sunrise

Cruising along the same highway route number 71

Passing western section of city of Columbus, Ohio

Passing River South District suburb of city of Columbus where you can see Scioto River across the screenshot, intersection of three highway route numbers 71, 70, and 315 seen behind left wing of the plane, and Scioto Aubudon Metro Park seen off tip of right wing, and intersection of highway route numbers 71 and 70 in front of plane nose as well as view of Schiller Park can be seen in front of right wing

Passing KCMH John Glenn Columbus International Airport located 6 miles east of downtown Columbus

Cruising at Fl310 in front of sunrise

Passing lightened city landscape of Heath, Ohio

Cruising at Fl310

Passing many puffs of clouds

You can see in background lake Erie

Check out different colors of sky!!

Sun is getting up

Passing Allegheny River seen behind the tail of the plane

Passing Clarion River seen below the plane

Starting descent from Fl310 to 11,000 ft

Descending through clouds can be fun

On final runway approach to runway 16

Seconds before touchdown blowing out snow dust

Okay few more seconds but hey enjoy view of snow blowing

TOUCHDOWN and braking down (I forgot to take screenshot of rear landing gear making ground contact)

Close up view of reverse thrust and massive snow blowing dust

Exiting from runway 16 into taxiway J on way to cargo apron

Arriving at cargo apron unloading all necessary cargo stuff bound for IBM center and waiting for new IBM servers to arrive to be loaded into the plane for delivery flight

Thank you for viewing/

Stay tuned for next exciting flight!!