Darn Nice Typical Famous North Scotland Shuttle Service

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Darn Nice Typical Famous North Scotland Shuttle Service
« on: June 08, 2020, 02:15:33 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a famous northern Scottish shuttle service between EGPF Glasgow International Airport located 9.9 miles west of centre of city of Glasgow to EGPB Sumburgh Sumburgh Airport located 20 miles south of city of Lerwick on the southern tip of the mainland island of Shetland Islands

Airborne after take off from EGPF now making right 180 degree turn to head to EDN waypoint above Edinburgh

On climb to 25,000 ft past Glasgow suburb

Dig out pretty Glasgow suburb

Now cruising across Scottish landscape

Intercepting EDN above city landscape of Edinburgh where you can spot stadium called S.R.U Playing Fields

Now heading north toward ADN waypoint

Cruising along eastern shore of northern Scotland passing EGOl airport that I cannot find on Goggle Maps

Passing EGPD Aberdeen International Airport located at Dyce approximately 5 nautical miles northwest of centre of city of Aberdeen

Intercepting ADN waypoint and making little left adjustment to head to WIK waypoint


Cruising across waters of Atlantic Ocean toward Shetland Islands

Starting decent to 3,000 ft

Intercepting WIK waypoint above EGPC Wick John O' Groats Airport located 1 nautical mile north of the town of Wick at the north-eastern extremity of the mainland of Scotland which is favorite place for stopover for light GA aircraft ferry flights between Europe and North America via Iceland

Now at 10,000 ft during descent

At 5,000 ft passing EGPA Kirkwall Airport located 3 miles southeast of Kirkwall

At 4,000 ft

At 3,000 ft

Getting ready to start runway approach to runway 09

On final runway approach

Seconds before touchdown

TOUCHDOWN  yeah  Northern Scottish weather is never nice!!

Sorry no reverse thrusters for this plane

But yeah we have slow down method that you can see on back of the plane!!

Approaching gate

Arrived gate to drop off passengers while fixing engine to remove remains of dead bird from bird strike

Thank you for viewing.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight