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The Classroom (Controller Tips) / Choosing an ARTCC
« on: June 10, 2018, 09:50:36 pm »
Seems simple right? Well, not so much I guess.

Hello guys. I am new here. I sent a message to ZKC and they promply replied and I got on over here and logged in. I read the Join us and got started. I went to the ZKC CBT and there was nothing there. I chose the first one in the list instead and completed the entire first block for S1. Come to find out, it was not for Kansas. I requested an exam for the first artcc on the list. Sorry! So now I have a pending test for an ARTCC that was not my original choice. Can you all cancel that one please?

So, can someone please send me in the right direction. I feel a bit blushed in the face at such a rookie move. But hey, who ever was first on the list has an awesome CBT block 1! Be proud of yourselves!  ;D

In the mean time, I will get on ZKC's Facebook and send them a message as well and let them know what is up. I was just trying to get in the door and be a leader not a follower and it cost me 2 hours of CBT's but hey, it was fun!

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