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Pacific Control Facility (vPCF) / Visiting Applications Re-Opened
« on: June 01, 2020, 11:11:13 am »
Aloha (newspaper here),

As of June 1st, 2020, the Pacific Control Facility has re-opened the visiting applications per the cancellation of the PCF-3.A order which temporary halted our visiting program.

As per usual, remember to follow the guidelines of our General Operations Policy (order PCF-1.B), and Training Department Policy (order PCF-2.C) for information regarding the minimum hour requirements (2) to ensure that you are capable of maintaining a membership on the visiting roster.

Our ATM, Jordan Rash, will be managing all visiting requests, and there may be limited quantaties that can be accepted due to the ongoing situation, and our handle of training visitors along with our home controllers.

To apply for the visitor status please visit our site: ...

If you have been recently archived from the visitor/home roster, decide to apply for visitor status and is accepted, and hold a major endorsement please email me ( or our ATM ( to be re-endorsed per our archived roster.


Pacific Control Facility (vPCF) / New Website
« on: May 05, 2020, 04:18:20 pm »

It has been endless weeks of work, but it has finally come to the time where I can release the new... and improved, Pacific Control Facility website. Three weeks of off and on work in-between training and controlling, and we can call it a wrap for the initial beginning of a new era of the Honolulu and Anchorage merged website.

The website, now launched and all data imported, has all of the bells and whistles needed to start off the new custom website. We have introduced several different approaches to our data handling, and have ensured that all of the necessary data is shown to both pilots and controllers.

For pilots; the information for our most important fields is shown in regards to the status of the facility (in regards to offline/online), the preferred routing that is most important to traffic management in our facilities, and the weather for planning whether you are going to go visual hopping, or by VOR. Controllers will have an amazing, yet very simple experience when it comes to finding all of the necessary material to control. We have dropped most of the unnecessary information, and allowed for only 5 main pages: the home page where events are located, the profile page for individual statistics and data, controller roster information for all endorsements and ratings, facility staff information for ease in contacting the proper members, and the downloads page which is vital to being able to control under our facilities.

I will bored you no further; as you can now easily see this site at As of May 5th, 2020 the Privacy Policy has been properly addressed and easily accessible and a hyperlink can be located on the footer of the page.

Thank you for listening to my "Ted Talk", and I hope to hear reviews and critiscm, so I can improve the website for the better of the facility.

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