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Title: vAAL, fly with us!
Post by: Andrea Mazzoni on February 14, 2018, 02:21:05 pm
Hello VATUSA, I'm Andrea Mazzoni, PR of vAAL, a virtual airline operative with vAMSYS.
With vAAL is possible fly ALL real routes of American and we offer also a FB page and group where is possible share your passion for flight simulation with our pilots.
We strongly support all pilots that are interested to fly with us online on VATSIM, because our idea is that if we want create a community, is better create this community online, where everyone can share the passion for flight.
Inside vAAL you can find also some focus airports for every month, events, and many more. However we are looking also for someone interested for the position of Area Managers in Charlotte and Chicago Area.
These position required someone that is really interested and, just like us, believe that only the Flag carriers are the best virtual airlines. And for the US, vAAL can offer you a great experience of flight from every airport in USA.
If you have 18+ years, you can help us for the creation of some checklist for our aircraft, a good knowledge of photoshop or any application for photo editing, you can try to send your request of application for became also an area manager.
More info are available on our FB page, where is possible find also the link for our FB group, created for our pilots.
We have also a partner in Europe: with vAMSYS, the system that we use for our airline, is possible share the pilots with other airlines operative with vAMSYS. And for is interested also to fly some flight in Europe, you can share your flight hours that you have get with us with virtuAlitalia, another VA operative with vAMSYS.
We haven't any particular restricton or minimum flight numer for month. So you can fly when you want!
And we offer also a flight lessons for these pilots that are newbie, but only on request via email.
Here you can see our routes from Chicago and our dashboard for a booked flight:

Our website:

As new pilot or if you want help us, We are waiting you!

Andrea Mazzoni
Title: Re: vAAL, fly with us!
Post by: Carsten Gallini on March 15, 2019, 09:35:58 pm
Eh mate, Your websites gone poof
Title: Re: vAAL, fly with us!
Post by: Andrea Mazzoni on March 19, 2019, 12:40:59 pm
Eh mate, Your websites gone poof

Yes, this airline was closed from the CEO few month ago, unluckly.