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  • Cross the Delaware: December 10, 2023

[12/10/2023 2200z - 0100z] Cross the Delaware

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[12/10/2023 2200z - 0100z] Cross the Delaware
« on: September 10, 2023, 05:30:33 PM »

This December marks the 247th anniversary of our country’s first President, George Washington, crossing the Delaware to deliver a lovely Christmas present that would become known as the Battle of Trenton.

To commemorate this anniversary and ring in some holiday cheer, join the New York ARTCC as we staff two of our busier minor airports on both sides of the Delaware! For a few hours, you can fly into or out of Trenton, NJ (TTN) or Wilmington, DE (ILG) and recreate a revolutionary moment in U.S. History (see what we did there?) with some beautiful scenic views of the Delaware River!

Event Fields: KTTN & KILG
Date & Time: December 10th, 2023, 5pm → 8pm Eastern (22z-01z)
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