Iron Mic returns in 2024 for VATUSA

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Iron Mic returns in 2024 for VATUSA
« on: December 31, 2023, 08:19:54 PM »
Iron Mic returns in 2024 for VATUSA!

The long awaited return of the Iron Mic program has arrived, and we are excited as ever to present this to you all! Recognizing the hard work of our members is a top priority for VATUSA, and in addition to that, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

Awarded on a MONTHLY basis, we will be recognizing the top DEL/GND, TWR, APP/DEP, and CTR/FSS positions, Iron Mic style! Iron Mic style is defined as the time an ATC position is staffed, not the total amount of time logged on the position. This means that if 2 people were splitting a position for 1.5 hours (such as DEN_W_GND and DEN_E_GND), only 1.5 hours will count towards the Iron Mic style awards, not 3.
In addition to the position awards, we will also recognize the subdivision that has the highest total controlling hours overall! For this award, Iron Mic style will not apply and the split ground example above would count for 3 hours.

Iron Mic Rules:
1) The awards will be announced on all VATUSA mediums shortly after month end
2) Controllers must be on the facility home/visiting roster for hours to count towards the awards
3) Controllers must follow all VATSIM, VATUSA, and ARTCC policies, SOPs, LOAs, and any other procedures at all times. If a controller is suspended from the network by a supervisor for being idle/AFK, the position the controller was working will be disqualified from receiving an award for that month. An attempt to sabotage or gain an unfair advantage outside the spirit of friendly competition could result in a disqualification of the entire subdivision and/or a disciplinary review.

While we have a fantastic events team that continue to raise the bar, producing excellent and well-prepared events throughout the division, we are excited to get back to our roots and enjoy controlling with others on a regular Tuesday! So challenge your neighbors, get together with your fellow controllers, and see how many awards your ARTCC can earn this year!