NWA188 Transcripts/Recordings released

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NWA188 Transcripts/Recordings released
« on: November 27, 2009, 11:51:26 AM »

Written by: Brian Pryor

Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration released mp3 recordings and transcripts relating to the NorthWest Airlines flight 188 incident in October.

In October of this year the crew of the NorthWest flight over flew Minneapolis MN. , the crew stated after the incident that they were distracted with company business on personal laptops.

Friday's transcripts include numerous attempts by controllers to contact the pilots, attempts by other NorthWest flights to send messages to the plane, and finally the contact received from NorthWest 188 at 01:14am.

Controllers also made attempts to verify the cockpit was secure during the ordeal.

To listen to the audio recordings and read the transcripts visit the links on the left side of this story.
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