ZOA in need of Training Administrator!

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ZOA in need of Training Administrator!
« on: September 22, 2015, 01:54:47 pm »
We are currently accepting applications for the position of Training Administrator (ZOA_TA).

Here are a list of the duties/responsibilities of the TA:

*Administrator for the overall Training Program of vZOA including quality of Staff Instructors and Mentors.
*Reports directly to the vZOA Air Traffic Manager and to the VATUSA Training Director.
*Develops an implements training-related material and manages Training-related projects.
*Ensures that vZOA ARTCC Staff Instructor positions are adequately staffed based on demands of students requiring assistance. Will lead all efforts to recruit new Staff Instructors and recommends appointments to the vZOA Air Traffic Manager and the VATUSA Training Director.
*Works with instructors and mentors to develop their knowledge and to ensure that training standards are being uniformly applied to all students.
*Tracks the progress of student controllers, including testing, promotions, and recurrent and remedial instruction.
*Responsible for providing the vZOA Air Traffic Manager a bi-weekly summary report of training activities.
*Position shall hold a single vote seat inside the Facility Advisory Board.

Required Qualifications:
* Must be an active member of the network in good standing with a clean history
* Currently hold a rating of Controller (C1) or higher
* Prior to final date applications are being accepted; must have held a rating of I1 for at least 30 days at any given time.
* Capable of working well in a team-oriented environment
* Strong knowledge of United States and VATSIM ATC system
* Good working knowledge of FAA Order 7110.65 and able to reference it quickly
* Must be able to succeed in a team environment
* Must have excellent written and oral communication skills
* Able to work with students and peers in a calm and respectful manner, including some students which may prove to be difficult

Preferred Qualifications:
Current Active I1 rating or higher
Instructor/Mentor experience with vZOA.
Supervisory or Management type experience in Virtual and/or Real World
Real World Aviation background / Real World Controller Training a +++

Time Commitment:
Should be able to conduct at least 5 training sessions per month (average training session is 2 hours), and provide prompt support to students via forums/email. Be able to come into Teamspeak frequently to maintain active interactions with students.

If you are interested in applying; please submit the following:
Letter of Intent (REQUIRED)
Letter of Recommendation from a Current or Previous ARTCC/VATUSA Staff member (not required but preferred)

Please submit the application to atm@oakartcc.com