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  • BVA Challenge: PRP Series : May 06, 2017

A Very Special BVA Challenge: New PRP Flights[6 May 1-4pm ET]

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Challenge:  BVA Launches PRP IFR Flights!

Featuring:  Hanscom Field (BED), Boston Logan (BOS), Burlington (BTV), Northern Maine Regional (PQI), Rutland (RUT), and Syracuse (SYR)

BVA’s Pilot Ratings Program has grown! The self-study, ATC-monitored training program that is designed to help members practice flight operations in the ATC environment has been expanded to include 6 new IFR flights. The expansion brings the program to a total of 26 flights, which cover topics such as VFR closed traffic, cross-country flights, instrument approaches, holds, and RNAV procedures.

To celebrate the launch of the new flights, we’re excited to be hosting a Challenge event on May 6 from 1-4pm ET. The event will feature staffing at BED, BOS, BTV, and SYR so members can work through the new flights. Boston Center will also be staffed throughout the week for members who are looking to begin working on the newly-released PRP flights.

The new flights (PRP IFR 14 through PRP IFR 20) are focused on RNAV/FMS procedures. They cover RNAV departure and arrival procedures, RNP approaches, “descend via”, high-altitude airways, Terminal Arrival Areas, and conventional approaches flown using the GPS. The new flights were developed by BVA member Richard Wang, who wrote each of the new procedures and spent hours in an aircraft testing the flights and collecting the screenshots needed to develop the new program. Virtual FBO CFI James Yuen and the original creator of the PRP (controller Kyle Rosenquist) helped oversee the creation of the new flights.

This is an opportunity for BVA pilots to obtain ratings in the Pilot Ratings Program, as well as for members and non-members alike to fly along with full ATC coverage.   PRP flights are typically flown in order but you may choose to fly any one or all of these flights!   

Check out the Challenge web page for more information.   Event details will be updated after 1 May, when the new PRP flights are officially released. 
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