【2017/8/5~6】Operation Aurora - Shenzhen/Sanya-Denver-Helsinki

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Operation Aurora - A VATSIM Continuous Intercontinental Event presented by Project Firmament and Southwest Airlines

In the next 24 hours, we will depart from the financial center of Southern China - Shenzhen, after navigating through various countries - South/North Korea, Japan, and Russia in Northeast Asia, we will cross the Bering Strait under the midnight sun and fly over the spectacular mountain ranges and diverse landscapes of Alaska and Canada, until reaching the foothills of the Front Range, to land in the Mile-high City of Denver, Colorado.
After a brief turnaround, we will be heading northeast, passing over the boundless tundra and frozen waterways and archipelago in the Canadian High Arctic, across the white desert of Greenland, until reaching the fragmented and breathtaking coastline of Scandinavia. Our destination will be the country of thousand lakes - Finland.
In this epic journey across 3 great continents and oceans and more than 10, 000 nautical miles, we will enjoy fully staffed ATC from delivery up to area control in each of the airports.


UTC 5th Aug 1345z - ZGSZ (Estimated time of Departure)
                   1300z - ZJSY

*Please initiate your cockpit preparations an hour before that time due to possible flow control.



Shenzhen Baoan Int'l Airport ZGSZ (or Sanya Phoenix Int'l Airport ZJSY)

Denver International Airport KDEN

Helsinki-Vantaa EFHK (or Oulu EFOU, Rovaniemi EFRO, Tampere-Pirkkala EFTP)





*SID* SHL G471 PLT A599 PUD A593 NIRAT Y722 CJU Y579 TENAS B467 NULAR B233 DITOR B962 LUNAD B244 NB B233 GAL 64N50 62N40 59N30 54N20 KU18O KU06Q KU84S LAR RAMMS6


*SID* GIVIL G221 BIGRO R200 ZUH R473 POU A599 PUD A593 LAMEN NIRAT Y722 CJU Y579 TENAS B467 NULAR B233 DITOR B962 LUNAD B244 NB B233 GAL 64N50 62N40 59N30 54N20 GTF J13 BIL J136 MBW


YOKES5 BFF KD84Y KP09A 4998N 5790N 6380N 6770N BOPUT 7150N 7240N N7230 7220N 7110N N6900 GISOX N3 DIVEG P854 GEMKU T95 AMROT L80 LAKUT *STAR*

The first leg is about 6 600nm long, and the second one is about 4 300nm long.
So bring your B777/747-400/767-200/787/A330/340/380 or any other aircrafts you prefer here.

Sceneries, Charts and any other related information of the event airports


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