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  • Fort Worth West Tex Poker Run March 24 [6pm-12am CST]: March 24, 2018

Fort Worth West Tex Poker Run

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Fort Worth West Tex Poker Run
« on: December 28, 2017, 12:32:05 pm »
Join Fort Worth as we host our second signature Poker Run on March 24th from 6pm-12am CST. IFR traffic is welcome, however, we encourage VFR to increase traffic capacity and your personal event experience. Navigate around the famous Tornado alley super storms, nighttime navigation, mountains, and desolate oil field tundras as this Poker Run features West Texas and 5 fully staffed airports.

Don't know how to play Poker? No problem! We keep track of and automatically play your best hand for you so all you have to worry about is having fun!

Get started by collecting your first card before leaving your starting airport. Then, make a full stop flight to and from any event featured airport to collect each one of your remaining 4 cards to complete your event hand from the dealer! Bonus: Stop at all 5 airports to receive a bonus card that will greatly increase your odds of winning.

Prizes will be awarded to pilots with the top hands at the end of the event.

Stops Featured:
  • Abilene KABI Class C
  • Midland KMAF Class C
  • Lubbock KLBB Class C
  • San Angelo KSJT Class D
  • Hobbs, New Mexico Class D

Event signup required to qualify for prizes.
Sign up and FAQ Link: TBA

Payware Prizes: TBA
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