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  • BVA GA Fly-In - "Bradley Mini-Bash": KBAF, KBDL, K: May 24, 2018

BVA GA Fly-In - "Bradley Mini-Bash": KBAF, KBDL, KCEF [24 May 8 -11pm ET]

Krikor Hajian

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Take a day off from your busy routine and drive out to your local hangar to knock the cobwebs off your favorite General Aviation (GA) aircraft...anything from a single piston engine Cessna to a twin-jet Citation.

Then, join the rest of the BVA Community for the GA Fly-In, which will visit different parts of the country famous for their scenery and general aviation presence.  Look for several local (Tower) controllers at many Class C and D airports staffed under one Approach or Center controller. Pilots are encouraged to fly IFR or VFR between the featured airports, or fly into the event from afar!

For more information and event downloads, visit the GA Fly-In page.

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