AIRAC 1804 Released

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AIRAC 1804 Released
« on: April 04, 2018, 11:59:27 am »
ZDV Team,

I'm pleased to announce that all the relevant files for VRC, vERAM, and vSTARS are now available for download on our website. I strongly recommend that all controllers update their clients. Center controllers especially.

All clients have been updated accordingly. No changes have been made to any of our charts/procedures this time around.
VRC - v5.21
Added Area 5
Re-arranged center sectorization
Updated procedure numbers

POF - v4.6
Added new Denver Center sectorization
Changed neighboring facility controller ID's
Fixed minor bugs

Added new center controller ID's (POF must be reloaded using the ZDV v4.6 POF)

Added Center Area 5
Adjusted A/G frequencies
Adjusted G/G comms

Fixed an issue with only some runway configurations had ASDE simulation.
Center controllers, please have a look at the Denver Center SOP, it has been heavily revised and there are some changes that will affect the call signs that you logon with, and frequencies you use.

All future AIRAC releases will be posted on our VATUSA forum.
If you have any questions regarding the changes, please let me know.
Chris Hadden
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ZDV - Denver ARTCC