A Change of Things - From Your New ATM

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A Change of Things - From Your New ATM
« on: July 27, 2018, 12:37:20 pm »
Dear Jacksonville Team,

To those I didn't meet in the Teamspeak yet, I wanted to introduce myself ahead of the public announcement.  My name is Petey Shivery and I have been selected as the new Air Traffic Manager of Jacksonville!  Prior to this role, my VATSIM career has taken me through various positions at both Anchorage and Honolulu, from Webmaster to Deputy Air Traffic Manager.  Outside of VATSIM, I work as an eCommerce professional for Newell Brands, a consumer-goods company.  I have a deep passion for leadership development, brand marketing, and data-driven growth which I hope to bring to Jacksonville.

It was empowering to listen to your concerns and I was welcomed by your energy.  Our ARTCC is filled with dedicated members and given the right environment, I know we can take this organization to new heights.

In the short-term, I wanted to make four changes which I believe will make an immediate impact on this organization and push us in the right direction:

  • Effective July 26, 2018, Discord will be the ARTCC's official means of communication and Teamspeak will be discontinued. To join our Discord, you can use this link or use the invite code MDVSdZT in your Discord application. Discord has a mobile-friendly app, all of Teamspeak's capabilities, screen-sharing for training staff, and more robust chat features. Moreover, I see our Discord being a hub not only for ZJX controllers, but for the greater VATSIM community. Great ideas happen when you create a space for those ideas to be shared.

  • Effective immediately, home controllers will now have an activity requirement of three hours per quarter. Since we are in Q3, home controllers will need to complete three hours between July 1 and September 30 to remain active. In Q4, home controllers will need to complete three hours between October 1 and December 31 to remain active. Training sessions, for both controllers and training staff, can count towards your activity requirement. Each training session will be worth one hour. I hope this will make the activity requirement more flexible given our very busy lives and incentivize training.

  • Effective immediately, visiting controllers will not have any activity requirement. With the implementation of our neighboring ARTCC LOAs, the activity requirement became archaic. If you're a visitor, we welcome you to control here at any time until you want to leave.

  • Beginning in August, we will be hosting quarterly Town Halls and sending out quarterly anonymous surveys. Use this as an opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions about the direction of the ARTCC. Transparency is the key to our success.

Lastly, please review my vision for the ARTCC.  I hope you share my vision for the ARTCC and I welcome any feedback or help along the way.  Pay particular attention to our new values—own grown, innovative, and collaborative—which I hope will be embodied in our culture moving forward. 

Team, in closing, together we will do it all.  I'm expecting big things not just from my staff team, but from each of you.  Together, we will grow Jacksonville and will take this place to new heights.

All the best,

Petey Shivery
Air Traffic Manager
Jacksonville ARTCC