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  • [16 FEB 2019 16Z - 22Z] Azores/New York Crossfire: February 16, 2018

[16 FEB 2019 16Z - 22Z] Azores/New York Crossfire

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[16 FEB 2019 16Z - 22Z] Azores/New York Crossfire
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:30:15 am »

New York ARTCC and Portugal vACC are partnering to present a crossfire featuring two airports from each facility. On the American side, ZNY will host arrivals and departures from John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and Newark Liberty (EWR). On the islands, Portugal will provide services for Ponta Delgada (LPPD) and Lajes (LPLA).

Ponta Delgada is on the coast of the island of São Miguel. To the northwest and the east, mountainous terrain above 2500' buttresses the airport, providing scenic yet challenging approaches to the single 7621' runway.

Lajes Air Base is a multi-use airfield with United States Air Force, Portuguese Air Force, and Azores Air Zone Command operations co-located with passenger operations. The single 10,860' runway lies along a small portion of terrain-free space on the island of Terceira, avoiding the Guilherme Moniz and Santa Barbara Volcanic Complexes to the west.

Newark Liberty and John F. Kennedy both serve the New York Metropolitan area (including New York City) with international traffic. JFK is situated on the Atlantic Coast in the borough of Queens. Newark Liberty lies across the Hudson River on the New Jersey side and provides access to northern New Jersey and other boroughs of New York City.

Charts and briefings will be provided closer to the event so stay tuned for updates!

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