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  • [January 25, 2019, 2359z - 0359z] The Waste Management Open: January 25, 2019

[January 25, 2019, 2359z - 0359z] ZAB Presents: The Waste Management Open Fly-in

Jeremy Werderman

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Event Date: Friday 25-Jan-2019
Event Time: 2359z - 0359z (4:00PM P, 5:00PM M, 6:00PM C, 7:00PM E)

We are staffing up ZAB to marshal in those planes for the 2019 Waste Management Open Golf Tournament.  We will be staffing the usual Enroute and TRACON positions for ZAB and P50, as well as local facilities for KPHX and KSDL. 

Jeremy Peterson

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What an absolutely horrible but real event name.
Jeremy Peterson
ZNY Events Coordinator

Robert Shearman Jr

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Yeah -- it's total garbage.