Very Excusive Comprehensive Review of New Model Base Shorts 360

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Please permit me to present you very exclusive comprehensive close up review of brand new freeware Shorts Brothers Short 360 model base created by Robert James Richardson for use of FSX and P3D!!!!

Brand new plane for Air Jamaica parked ready for inspection at secret apron on MKJS Sangster International Airport located 3 miles east of Montego Bay, Jamaica

Time for me to have close inspection of this brand new plane before its first maiden passenger flight!!

Inspecting left side of the plane and time for me to head to the passenger stair

Climbing on passenger stair

Whoa a kitchen gallery and bathroom in back of the plane!! Did not know Shorts 360 has kitchen and bathroom!

Nice rear right passenger door details!!

Opening the door to test it

Coming out of right rear passenger door to inspect landing gear wheels

Returning to get into plane from right rear passenger door to inspect new seats

WHOA WHOA a nice office with all LEATHER seats!

Dig those nice gauges!!

Overhead panel is where you should start engines!!!

Whoaaaa  dig those beautiful crisp sharp realistic looking cockpit gauges!

I love this FANCY speedometer gauge!!!! So beautiful!!

It is so HOT in Jamaica so let's see if I can open cockpit window???

LOOK I can open cockpit window!!

It is STILL TOO HOT in Jamaica  mmmmm  maybe I can open the emergency door to let more air in??

yahhhhh I can open the emergency exit door!!!

Look!! I can look up at the sky if I want to check to see if it is cloudy or not!!

Look at the cool engine throttle!!

Time for me to make pre-flight check around the plane!

Checking the nose and its cargo hold

Opening all cargo doors to load passenger luggages

Checking engine and wing

Testing and opening to see if the emergency exit door is working

Starting left engine!!

Starting right engine!!

Revving up new engine to test it

Pilots are being very busy checking all new gauges to see if they are working properly

Oh yes the pilots can move and turn their faces in Shorts 360 plane!! Hey they got to pose for airport spotting photograhers!

Arriving at the gate to pick up excited passengers experiencing their first maiden flight abroad Shorts 360

Making very long taxi to short of runway 07

Still taxiing

Holding short of runway 07 awaiting for take off clearance from airport control tower controllers

Take off clearance has been issued but I am checking to make sure there is no incoming plane. You do NOT want 747 to land on your tiny Shorts 360 plane!

Airborne on climb to 5,000 ft for regular commuter service to MKJP Norman Manley International Airport located south of the island 14 miles away from the center of Kingston the capital of Jamaica

Take off was very smooth and comfy in this new model base without without silly jerky movements producing realistic engine smokes

Making right turn toward the destination

Cruising at 5000 ft

Yes yes yes  you can tell from the speedometer that I am testing speed of the new plane before starting usual realistic cruising speed


On final runway approach

Still on final runway approach past port

Approach is VERY SMOOTH and the new Shorts 360 model base plane does not require me to make too many speed adjustments to hold the required approach speed making it easy and comfy for me to approach to land

Seconds before touchdown

TOUCHDOWN producing very impressive tire smokes (that is impressive lots of tire smoke for small plane)

Front landing gliding down slowly and smoothly like you expect from jet planes!

Front landing gear wheels making ground contact producing more tire smoke

Braking down

Exiting from runway 12

Holding short of taxiway A awaiting for clearance to taxi to gate

Thank you for viewing my fight report and please stay tuned for my next flight.  The new Shorts 360 model base can be found at the website: where you can download model base along with 4 liveries, engine sounds, and paint kit!!