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  • ZNY Regions: Hershey Valley Fly-In: January 24, 2021

[24 Jan 2021 2100-0100z] ZNY Regions: Hershey Valley Fly-In

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[24 Jan 2021 2100-0100z] ZNY Regions: Hershey Valley Fly-In
« on: December 23, 2020, 11:09:40 pm »

In the ZNY Regions event, we highlight areas of the New York ARTCC that are less-traveled and seldom-covered by the VATSIM community. This time around, we will feature the Harrisburg TRACON and immediate region. This facility is one of the larger ones in ZNY geographically-speaking, so there is ample opportunity to remain within one controller’s coverage for longer if you choose your routes correctly, making the ATC frequency a bit busy and more interesting. The airspace roughly 10-20 miles around MDT & CXY is a TRSA (Terminal Radar Service Area) which is almost like a class charlie without the regulatory requirements (highly suggested to call the TRACON controllers for services since it is higher-density traffic). Of course, the airports themselves are class Deltas so those require two-way comms with controller. Check the sectional charts for airspace dimensions.

We would like to encourage you (the traffic) to fly in from varying directions and converge on some of our towered fields in the MDT area. And if you are feeling fancy with nothing else on your schedule, why not head back out again for another short hop within? Washington D.C, Pittsburgh, and NYC areas offer nice little hops in regional jets. The choice is yours.

Towered fields to aim for:
KMDT - Harrisburg International
KCXY - Capital City Airport
KLNS - Lancaster Airport
KMUI - Muir Army Airfield

Non-Towered fields to discover:

KTHV - York Airport
KZER - Schuylkill County Airport
KSEG - Penn Valley Airport
N68 - Franklin County Regional Airport
N71 - Donegal Springs Airpark
N79 - Northumberland County Airport
N94 - Carlisle Airport
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