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  • Winter Kickoff FNO (KBOS, KEWR, KPHL, KBDL): December 11, 2020

[11 Dec 2020 2359-0400] Winter Kickoff FNO (KBOS, KEWR, KPHL, KBDL)

Austin Cirulli

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Tis the season for snow plows and de-ice trucks in the Northeast US. Come join in on the winter-ops action as we connect the NE region together in a one-of-a-kind event. ZNY and ZBW will be staffing Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, and Bradley to provide a variety of destination and route options. The northeast corridor can get very congested, so we encourage pilots to utilize adjacent staffing in neighboring ARTCCs as well.

The event starts at 7pm ET and will run until 11pm ET (2359-0400Z) on December 11th.

Concurrently, ZBW will be hosting the 60 Hours of Boston Virtual ARTCC event. This is a one of a kind ATC marathon event! Boston Center will be staffed continuously for 60 hours throughout the second weekend in December. Please check the event posting for details.
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