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  • ZNY Staffs: 30 Hours of LGA: December 26, 2020 - December 27, 2020

[26 Dec 2020 1700z - 27 Dec 2020 2300z] ZNY Staffs: 30 Hours of LGA

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Virtual New York ARTCC brings to you a continuously-covered ATC area of ZNY four times a year. For this first time around, we will staff the venerable LaGuardia Airport. It has sometimes been referred to as the aircraft carrier due to its location and runway lengths. Whether it is through a center-rated controller, or through multiple controllers covering the Tower Cab, be assured that LGA will be serviced for your challenging airport desires.

ZNY Staffs: 30 Hours of LGA
Saturday 12:00pm ET (1700z) through Sunday 6:00pm ET (2300z)

Come on down the SFRA in your GA aircraft, take a helicopter out of the numerous heliports on the East and Hudson Rivers, or grab your airliner and attempt the Expressway Visual 31 (if the wind permits). Maybe try your hand at some of the complex departure procedures. Don't forget to read those charts along with your aircraft setup!

Have fun :D
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