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General Discussion / Re: a short introduction
« on: November 14, 2019, 09:36:04 am »
GSX is doable, I have used it before. We'd currently have to stop on the runway though and then request slew to gate and GSX can do that very quickly actually.

I wish there was a way for us to exit the runway. If we want to do multiple legs on a flight the easiest solution would be stop on the runway, disconnect from Vatsim, slew to a gate and reconnect.

General Discussion / Re: a short introduction
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:57:45 pm »
As someone who is low vision, this hobby allows me to experience something I otherwise am unable to do IRL. Anything that can be done to help you enjoy it is important to everyone.

I would recommend connecting at a gate and after completing preflight and getting your clearance request slew to the active runway. When you exit the runway after landing to request to slew to your desired gate. I know for me taxing is somewhat difficult as I cannot well see the signs.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for that advice. For me at least, I'm not low vision, I don't have any vision. The advice given to me by another fellow totally blind pilot with about 45 flights under his belt, well, if Vatstats is correct, was to simply disconnect upon stopping on the runway. We have no way of actually being able to exit the runway. Even software that helps us autoland, should we desire it, puts reverse thrusts in and brakes as soon as it can. The landing rates we get with that are poor at best. FSTramp autopilot is the best if we can only use freeware aircraft/low end.


General Discussion / Re: Introducing Myself and my community
« on: November 08, 2019, 10:06:25 pm »

I'm glad you asked. My Youtube channel isn't entirely devoted to simming, but I do have over 3 years of simming content from the first flight ever in FSX to today in Prepar3D.

A lot can be gained from the audio in a sim. I have bought and tested nearly every ATC addon available for simmers apart from VoxATC, and have different uses for each of them.

I have bought numerous aircraft soundpacks, I'm a big fan of utilities such as Air Hauler series, A Pilot's Life, ProjectFly, and the upcoming Skypark sounds cool, although with their latest announcement it appears they took away the one interface method that would make it accessible for us, the web. The SkyPad as a panel only in the sim similar to a payware FMC is bad news for us. It is why we are stuck using freeware aircraft, or payware aircraft such as virtualcol that doesn't mod the sim aircraft autopilot to use data that is inaccessible for us to input and program. Worse, third party developers of high end aircraft don't allow other programs to access the FMC. If they did, Multi Crew Experience for example devs for example can create a way to program the data by voice and have it read back to us.

I just had my first air to ground experience with another controller today and found it very enjoyable. Not to mention being entertained by other traffic for a few minutes was quite nice.

I did get a bit scared when my arrival center had gone offline, so only tower was online that I could've contacted. I was 12 miles out from my destination and wondered why I didn't get a contact me from center. I looked at VatSpy and found out.

However, should I get a contact me when I get in the tower airspace, or am I supposed to contact them manually when established? What about those times where there's no ILS/glideslope? Ended up disconnecting on approach because I was trying to figure out whether to just contact tower manually now or wait for a contact me.

Hope that answers your question Kurt. We substitute graphics with audio and utilities wherever possible, and the enjoyment and knowledge about flight concepts that naturally comes with this hobby is also helpful.

General Discussion / Re: Introducing Myself and my community
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:08:03 pm »
Thanks. Vattastic V2 preview is great, but the stable version of the site is very hard to navigate. With V2 I was quickly able to search for ATC at a given airport.

General Discussion / Introducing Myself and my community
« on: November 07, 2019, 05:22:56 pm »
Hello everyone,

Recently, me and my friends have started to get into Vatsim and online flying.

Most of us are totally blind pilots who have been flying offline. I myself have been simming for about three years and stream most of it on Youtube and Twitch.

We wanted to do a group flight recently out of Newark, and figured that Vatsim would be the best way to do it. There is one critical issue that new blind pilots might have on Vatsim, and that is that we currently must slew to the runway after clearance.

Another issue is that there are doable Vatsim pilot clients, but there isn't one that is fully accessible. I was flying out of Phoenix last night and decided to logon to the network for my first flight. VatSpy appeared to have not refreshed KPHX and I didn't know that there were both an ATIS and ground on. It only showed a center. Unsure if I should go to him for clearance or whether I should simply announce my intentions over Unicom, I chose Unicom.

I announced my intention that I was departing runway 25 R. I did not mention that I needed to slew, however, and forgot to add such in the plan remarks.

When I got to the runway, I hear vPilot's audible message sound. Since it was the first time I got a message in vPilot, and I couldn't see anything on the messages tab. I eventually fumbled around and saw that the center controller had his own tab, but I selected it and still couldn't get my screen reader to read the message... the other parts of the app are pretty simple so I thought this was as well. Ended up disconnecting on the runway and doing the flight offline.

Does anybody know if there is a web-based alternative, perhaps, to VatSpy? Looking at the controllers for the country is great, but if you want to filter down to a specific icao code, getting to the toolbar and getting to the box to type that in could be confusing for beginners that I may want to fly with. I'd love a Vatsim client that uses standard Windows controls if possible.

Anyhow, just figured I'd introduce myself and my community. I hope to conduct my first flight soon.

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