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From the Desk of VATUSA1
« on: April 08, 2021, 04:50:32 PM »
Thank you for your contributions to VATUSA – whether as a Pilot, Controller, or Staff Person!

It has been a busy 1st quarter! 

•   I have been participating on the VATSIM GRP Revision Committee as VATUSA’s representative.  The revised policy is in draft and will hopefully be released in 2nd Quarter. 

•   Wes, Ryan Parry, Ryan Pitt, Cody, Brandon, ATMs and DATMs and I have revised DP001.  The new version is posted on the website. 

•   Wes and the Region Managers are in the process of finishing the initial DP003 revisions and should have the draft in front of ATMs/DATMs and ECs for review soon. 

•   Anthony, Meg, TAs and Instructors have been hard at work on the VATUSA Academy Website.  The website will be a game changer on how we deliver New Member training.       I’m certain this will provide a long lasting improvement and will hopefully open some training bandwidth. 

•   Blake completed our transition to a new web hosting service. The uptime of our website has vastly improved! 

•   Ryan and Jeremy continue to provide effective TMU services during our events.  Discussions have just started on further integrating TMU features into the VATUSA website. 

•   Brayden, Shane Friedman, and Erik Quinn are spearheading an effort to create a VATUSA Iron Mic competition.   

•   Nick is pouring over the VATUSA Logo Contest submissions.   A winner should be declared shortly.

At the end of 1st Quarter 2021, our controlling hours grew by 37% on average compared to 2020 while filed traffic at our Designated Airspace Fields increased by 74%. Once the 1 year anniversary of the COVID pandemic passed, the 2021 to 2020 comparison dynamic changed.  In the first couple of weeks of 2nd Quarter 2021, controlling hours decreased YoY by 27% while filed traffic at our Designated Airspace Fields leveled off YoY.  Growth in our controller ranks remains strong at 35% YoY. The Academy Website, when implemented, should help open up Instructor-Led training bandwidth.  My goal is to hang on to as much of the Division's 2020-2021 growth in pilot and controller participation as possible.

Our new FNO format, which starts this Friday April 9th, will hopefully make our premier event more manageable from a controller and pilot perspective.  Details on the new format can be found at

Until next time, blue skies!