DC-4 Getting Exciting Polish And Buff

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DC-4 Getting Exciting Polish And Buff
« on: April 13, 2021, 10:12:12 AM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting exciting recreation of emergency Christmas airlift supply flight from CYHY Hay River/Merlyn Carter Airport located 1.7 miles north of Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada to CYZF Yellowknife Airport located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada using Flight Replicas R5D (C-54G) featuring well polished/buffed masterpiece work painted and polished exclusively by repainter named Hartmut Hekmann who is the official repainter for Virtual Aircraft Restoration Facebook group owned and operated by Hartmut Hekmann and Tobias Krause.

Arriving at the airport to get ready for pre-flight inspection of the plane before boarding my captain seat in cockpit

look how well polished and buff the plane is in time for Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year service!

Inspecting engine

Inspecting another engine while marveling how well polished the engine covers and mufflers are!!

Time for right side inspection

Inspecting right engines (dig that metallic polish!)

Inspecting the tail

Inspecting newly installed tires and landing gear

Forgot to inspect front wheel so went back to left side to inspect front wheel

Pre-flight inspection of the plane is completed and now time to sit on my captain seat and check all gauges to be sure they are kosher and correct

Starting pushback!!

Continuing pushback

Finished with pushback and time to start engines!!

Engines started which resulted into spewing MASSIVE engine start smoke to excite all airport spotting photographers causing them to wet their pants

All engines started and ready for taxi!!

Checking left engines to be sure they are okay and not overheated (you think they would get overheated in -20 degree weather)

leaving passenger apron to taxi to short of runway 32

Entering into runway 32 to taxi more and backtrack


Airborne after take off on climb to 5,000 ft for short hop across Great Slave lake to the destination

Cockpit gauges showing progress of the climb

Now reaching 5,000 ft to start cruising

Engines working hard to carry 20,000 lb load of emergency Christmas supplies

Dig polish shine!

Engines still working hard

Cockpit gauges showing progress of cruising

Crossing Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary

Weather is getting so cold that condensation is starting to show from engines!!!!  Very exciting!

look at condensation behind engines!!

On final approach to runway 33

Seconds before touchdown


Braking down!!

Making smooth exit from the runway to cargo apron

Still taxiing to cargo

More taxi

Arriving at cargo stand

Time to power down and turn off engines

Engines are off!

Thank you for viewing my screenshot and stay tuned for next exciting flight. And I apologize to all of you for not making enough screenshot flight reports.  I have 34,000 thousand screenshots waiting for me to edit, research, do explanations, and of course publish!!