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  • ZMA hosts: VATSTAR's Caribbean Adventure!: June 13, 2021

ZMA hosts: VATSTAR's Caribbean Adventure!

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ZMA hosts: VATSTAR's Caribbean Adventure!
« on: June 06, 2021, 02:51:57 pm »

Come join us as we celebrate VATSTAR’s biggest day, our 6th anniversary. As always we are going big with a total of 38 giveaways (31 prizes for our flight event and 7 for our orientation). Total value of all giveaways combined are upwards of $1,700!

This year we are flying from beautiful South Florida to the Bahamas and we will have full ATC available to us. Here are the details:

Slower Planes: KAPF - MYGF
Faster Planes: KRSW - MYNN
Date and Time: On June 13th departing at 1900z

More information available in the VATSTAR Discord. See you all there!

Must Know:

*You must register for this event if you want to be part of the giveaway and add in your flight plan remarks "VATSTAR Anniversary event" or a phrase that includes VATSTAR in it.
*You can fly any aircraft you’d like and any paint you’d like. Starting June 6th, all of our general aviation paints will be avaliable for everyone to download if you would like to fly in VATSTAR colors. Although not mandatory, if you would like to fly using a VATSTAR callsign we ask that you please make it VSX### or N###VS
*Giveaways are subject to the distribution of the manufacturer. Winner must pay any shipping fee and country taxes (if applicable) for any hardware.
*Winners will be selected at random (from the list of registered members and those who tagged VATSTAR in their flight plan remarks)
*One item will go to each ARTCC participating and will be picked at random.
*For any prize that is labeled “winner’s choice,” the winner may select any item from sponsor’s website.
*1 item per person; however, winners from the Orientation event are eligible to also win prizes during the flight event.

Gerardo Rodriguez
ZMA Events Coordinator
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