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  • The V3 Milkrun (feat ZJX/ZMA): August 08, 2021

The V3 Milkrun (feat ZJX/ZMA)

Gerardo Rodriguez

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The V3 Milkrun (feat ZJX/ZMA)
« on: July 13, 2021, 02:47:52 PM »

Come fly the beautiful east coast of Florida in your favorite prop, BizJet or Turboprop! ZMA and ZJX join forces in yet another VFR event to enjoy some beautiful scenery and some fantastic ATC along the way! V3 is a low enroute airway that starts up in Jacksonville and ends south in the beautiful Florida Keys. We will have ATC from JAX all the way to EYW airport! Just remember to maintain VFR at all times!

Event set for August 8thth from 1900z thru 2200z. Come join us for 3 hours of VFR fun!
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Gerardo Rodriguez
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