Position Posting: Anchorage ARTCC Events Coordinator

Position Posting: Anchorage ARTCC Events Coordinator
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Position Posting: Anchorage ARTCC Events Coordinator
Submission Deadline: Open Until Filled

Anchorage is VATUSA's largest Continental US ARTCC. We have over 2 million square miles of airspace open to explore, with everything but the Pacific Fjords in the southeast, glaciers across the state, arctic tundra of the north, and the real bush experience. Anchorage is a growing ARTCC with a need of someone energetic and committed to helping continue the growth that we have experienced.

Job Description:

The Events Coordinator is responsible for the planning, scheduling, and execution of events at the ARTCC. The Events Coordinator position requires a considerable amount of work.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Lead the events team to provide support for ZAN Event Operations.
- Identifies and develops events to generate traffic and promote the ARTCC.
- Implements and oversees approved events.
- Work closely with the training department to prepare our members for event positions.
- Coordinates with neighboring FIRs to arrange support for ZAN hosted events and neighboring events.
- Coordinates with VATUSA Command Center for event planning, traffic expectations, event execution, and debrief.
- Develops and distributes marketing materials to promote events and the ARTCC.

Minimum Requirements:

 - Must hold S2+ Rating. MUST obtain at least S3 rating within 60 days of appointment.
 - Must have no disciplinary record with VATSIM, VATUSA, or ZAN within the last year.
 - Exceptional written and verbal communication skills as this is a client-facing position.
 - Ability to network with neighboring facilities.

Desired Qualifications:

 - C1 Rating preferred
 - Knowledge of the ZAN airspace and typical traffic loads in various event situations
 - Experience/talent in graphic design, typography, etc.
 - Experience with event planning of any type
 - Knowledge of Oceanic Procedures

Application Instructions:

- Full Name, E-Mail, and VATSIM CID
- Resume (Real World or VATSIM)
- A cover letter explaining: "Why Anchorage", "Why you are the perfect candidate", and an Event Idea with a banner specific to ZAN. This event may involve neighboring FIRs.

Applications must be submitted to ZAN Staff, at [email protected] with the subject "ZAN EC Application Package". This position will remain posted until filled.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an in-depth interview.