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  • The Class D Spree: May 17, 2024

[17 May 2024 2359 - 0400z] The Class D Spree

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[17 May 2024 2359 - 0400z] The Class D Spree
« on: April 28, 2024, 01:46:37 AM »

Join the West Coast's finest for a regional FNO featuring Class D airports! There are no featured fields for this event. Pilots are encouraged to see what airports are open at the start of event time, and fly between them! Make an appearance at each host ARTCC with a long coastal flight, or make milk runs around your favorite small fields! The options are endless for The Class D Spree.

With this unique West Coast partnership, we hope to showcase some of the underappreciated western airports, Pilots are encouraged to fly realistic routes amongst event ARTCCs, and our skilled air traffic controllers will provide professional ATC. We look forward to seeing a web of flights!

Note: Pilots conducting flights to/from SEA/PDX/SFO/OAK/LAX/LAS may be subject to delays to prevent congestion of unstaffed airports. We suggest loading in at event start at a staffed field, and flying to another staffed airport. Airport staffing will not change throughout the night, but airports will not be announced ahead of time.