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I have been notified that someone has allegedly been advertising a "New Official VATUSA TeamSpeak server."

This is not true.

Although VATUSA does maintain a TS server for administrative and operational use by the VATUSA staff, for such things as routine coordination and staff meetings, etc., I can assure you that it is seldom used.  More importantly, any legitimate announcement of a new VATUSA TeamSpeak server would come through this forum.

I'm not sure what the motivation is, but it sounds eerily like either a phishing scam or malware attack, where someone tries to lure people to a server/website address trying to get personal information from you or possibly download malicious software to your computer when you connect to the malicious site.

Remember, legitimate VATUSA communications to all VATUSA members will come from me or the VATUSA staff via this forum, and will likely also be posted on our web page.

Especially in this online environment, let's stay safe out there.
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