ZOA Seeks New Facilities Engineer

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ZOA Seeks New Facilities Engineer
« on: August 11, 2015, 04:39:56 pm »
The incumbent is responsible for:
-Acts as an adviser to the ATM/DATM on technical aspects of flight simulation related to the ZOA ARTCC airspace.
-Updating the ZOA Sector file with needed airspace information, SID/STAR, NAVAID FIX, VOR, NDB and any other required fixes at least twice per quarter or as instructed by the ATM/DATM.
-Maintain the ZOA POF and Alias files.
-Construct Training scenarios for the training department with current/new SOP procedures.
-Assess commonly used scenery files for use in the ARTCC airspace for their impact on ATC operations.
-Approves freeware scenery for inclusion on the ZOA website’s “Scenery” section.
-Provides and maintains links to payware scenery on the ZOA website' "Scenery" section.
-Works with VATUSA and other ARTCC's to approve LOA's and SOP's on behalf of the ATM once the LOA/SOP has been approved by the ATM.
-Functions as VATUSA staff member and attends periodic meetings to report on ARTCC activities and to stay abreast of VATUSA issues and policies.
-Other duties as assigned by the ATM or DATM.

Scope of Position:
-Reports directly to the DATM.
-Must meet activity requirements of 3 hrs per month per ZOA CPS-010.
-Incumbent will be issued a ZOA e-mail address for official use and must check it at least once a day unless they are on vacation.

Basic Requirements:
-Must hold an S3 rating.
-Candidate must be in good standing with ZOA ARTCC, Current Home ARTCC, and VATSIM/VATUSA.
-Knowledge in VRC, Euroscope, vATIS, vSTARs (and eventually vERAM).
-Must know requirements of sector files and how to produce them.
-Must have knowledge of obtaining resource materials to produce Sector, POF and Alias files.

Preferred Requirements:
In addition to the requirements of the position above, a well qualified candidate should possess:
-Energy and commitment to the facility and position.
-Bring experience and skill set to the facility and position.
-Have instructional/mentor experience.

Interested candidates should be aware the workload is considerable and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying.

Interested candidates should submit a vResume and any sector file work they have done to management@oakartcc.com. Application processing will be open until the position is filled. Candidates from outside of ZOA must have a senior staff member (ATM, DATM or TA) submit a Letter of Recommendation. Qualified candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they may be contacted for a comprehensive interview.
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