vERAM Released!

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vERAM Released!
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:20:08 pm »
Good news! vERAM has been released. The only recipients of a NOTAM on this were VATUSA controllers rated S3 and higher. This was considered the target audience for the new software. [Decision not made by VATUSA]

It is worth noting that this software includes a fairly considerable learning curve. Also please note that you must have a configuration file for the facility you wish to control ... like a sector file for VRC, only quite different. In most cases, that means it will be necessary to wait for your Facility Engineer to put one together, or you can possibly steal one from another ARTCC which has one available. (None at this time, AFAIK)

In the event you did not receive the announcement, it is copied here:

Ross Carlson and VATSIM are proud to present VATSIM's newest air traffic control radar client: vERAM.
vERAM is a high-fidelity simulation of a real-world enroute radar system used in many US ARTCC facilities. The vERAM client has many of the features of its real world equivalent, such as:

* Full-screen mode for enhanced realism.
* Toolbar with movable tear-off buttons.
* Movable list views including area altimeter settings, METARs, beacon codes, and check lists.
* VSCS (Voice Switching and Control System) simulation.
* Conflict detection.
* Reduced separation airspace.
* Full radar coverage volume simulation.
* Geo Maps with adjustable brightness and separate map groups.
* Top-down mode for VATSIM controllers also covering local and ground positions. (Allows aircraft on the ground to be visible.)
* Multiple display windows for covering large areas of airspace or for close-up view of terminal or airport surface areas.
* Automatic tracking of departures.

vERAM is a challenging and realistic tool designed mainly for VATSIM enroute controllers. You can visit the vERAM site to learn more and download the software at

Thank you Ross for yet again producing an intricate and realistic software for VATSIM users!
Tom Seeley
Deputy Director (Retired), VATUSA