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Re: What Simulator
« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2018, 07:50:37 pm »
I have been using FS9 for years, I am behind everybody else because I am still using it.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one with FS9 still.
I just got a new rig a week ago. Started flying in both P3D and Xplane. Takes a little getting use to with the better frames, but a huge step up from the FS9 days.
See you in the skies Mark!
Chris Robison

Re: What Simulator
« Reply #16 on: December 21, 2018, 11:05:27 am »
I have been a long time XP user, mostly because I have been a Mac user for 30 years.  I had some limited experience with FS in the early 90's. I started with iFly in the early 90's. Then I went to lunch one day with Apple's Mac desktop engineering manager at the time - my job meant I collaborated extensively with all of Apple's hardware engineering groups from 1991-2006 - I told him I started diving into flight sim and it turned out he also was an avid flight simmer. He suggested XP. I bought XP and have loved it ever since. Having said that, I do at times think about switching to  PC gaming hardware with high end graphics at a reasonable price.  Even though I have an iMac with 2G Vram there are times when frame rate still becomes an issue.  I have researched P3D and it looks appealing but I am very happy with what I have. The only drawback I see with XP is that Laminar seems to put most of its dev resources into the GA planes.  Like someone else here noted, if you fly GA then XP is superior.  If you fly jetliners like I do then the XP 11 planes have gotten better---not great--but still very enjoyable.  The "Zibo modified" 737 is excellent...and is free! Much better than the FF767 in my opinion.  As for XSB, about 75% of my flying is on VATSIM and XSB is very adequate.  I bought SkyMax Pro add-on and think it is overrated.  Just OK imo.  I have all of Mister-X airport scenery - LAX,BOS,SFO,etc. - and his airport scenery is by far superior.  So, the only issue I see with XP is that in order to keep up with the software development in the XP world I am looking at making a Mac hardware upgrade. If I want graphics capability to carry me forward for many years to come, unfortunately,  it will be at significant cost. 

Re: What Simulator
« Reply #17 on: April 22, 2019, 07:10:49 am »
I have been using FS9 for years, I am behind everybody else because I am still using it.  My reasons, it is stable, I have a ton of payware that would be useless if I switch.  But with the support for FS9 dwindling and the lack of new products and updates I have been contemplating switching.  Trying to get an idea of what simulator to do?

Prepare 3D?
Others that I have not heard of?

So which one is better?
I would intend to buy good realistic aircraft and sceneries possibly a good weather generator.  Which one is a stable platform and which one is not.  Please let me know.

I'm only a GA single Engine Land rated pilot with limited hours but have had a sim for upwards of 15 years. I recently ran across the Oculus Rift coupled with X-plane and found it to be quite advanced from my days of multiple monitors. It takes some computing power but seems well worth the investment for such a small footprint.

I ran across the Oculus at a demo and was sold immediately. There is another VR system that boasts some advantages over the Oculus. HTC Vive Pro Eye, detects eye movement for faster control ability for gaming, but the screen resolution is what has me interested. With the exponential improvements in graphics, VR systems are taking flight simulation to a more realistic level.

Finally, there is the ability to add a copilot. Simply put, the copilot, a real person, is either simply a voice in the aircraft with you, or you can construct an avatar for both yourself and the copilot. The one restriction is that the copilot isn't allowed access to the controls.

Hope there was something in that that helped