ZKC Seeks Facility Engineer

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ZKC Seeks Facility Engineer
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:51:20 am »
Kansas City ARTCC is currently seeking applicants for the position of Facility Engineer.

The FE reports to the Air Traffic Manager and maintains technical/sector files for use with ATC client software.

  • Attends periodic meetings as necessary.
  • Maintains an active online presence within the ZKC ARTCC and on the VATSIM network.
  • Advises ATM and senior ARTCC staff of technical issues.
  • Creates, maintains and updates ZKC sector files, vATIS config files, alias files and POF files.
  • Coordinates with ZKC and other ARTCC staff to mitigate and manage frequency and automation problems.
  • Maintains approved facility Orders and LOAs, ensuring they are electronically available through the website.
  • Develops and maintains LOA/SOP “cheat sheets” and related media.
  • Frequently checks and responds to emails and contacts in a timely manner.
  • Voting member of the Facility Advisory Board.

The successful candidate must:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Be a member of the ZKC ARTCC, or willing to transfer upon selection
  • Hold a VATSIM Tower Controller (S2) rating or higher
  • Be skilled with VATSIM ATC Client software and software involved in technical file creation/manipulation.
  • Maintain active status by logging minimum number of hours in accordance with ARTCC policy
  • Be able to work well in a team-oriented environment

Preferred Skills &Abilities
The successful candidate should:

  • Possess a high degree of commitment and motivation
  • Make every attempt to attend each scheduled event
Priority is given to candidates who:

  • Possess experience and certification within the ZKC ARTCC
  • Have previous Facility Engineer experience
  • Have previous staff experience in a VATSIM ATC facility, or virtual airline
  • Have experience with software programming

Application Instructions
Applications may be submitted to the Kansas City ARTCC Air Traffic Manager via email: ZKC-ATM[at]vatusa.net
Application must include:

  • Full name, email address and VATSIM CID
  • Resume or Letter of Application
Application deadline is May 24 2018 04:00Z.

What to Expect
This is an entry-level position. The workload is light, with moderate peaks after periodic AIRAC / Navigation / Procedure updates. All applications will go through an initial evaluation. Candidates who pass the evaluation will be contacted for a comprehensive interview. All candidates will be notified if/when a selection is made.
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