Position Posting: Kansas City ARTCC Events Coordinator

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Position Posting: Kansas City ARTCC Events Coordinator
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:25:28 pm »
The EC reports to the Air Traffic Manager and promotes the ZKC ARTCC through the planning, coordination and execution of events.
Attends periodic meetings as necessary.
Maintains an active online presence within the ZKC ARTCC and on the VATSIM network.
Produces quality events using unique and creative ideas.
Ensures event plans/activity meet ATM goals.
Coordinates with virtual airlines, pilot organizations, other ARTCC staff and ZKC controllers to ensure maximum event participation.
Coordinate with other ARTCC staff to provide ZKC support for neighboring events.
Develops and distributes marketing material to promote events and the ARTCC through all appropriate venues.
Develops event briefings and staffing assignments.
Assumes the duties of CIC when assigned, directing staffing and breaks accordingly.
Manages and processes scheduling requests.
Frequently checks and responds to emails and contacts in a timely manner.
Voting member of the Facility Advisory Board.
Serves as Vice Chairman of the VA Relations Committee.
Represents ZKC ARTCC to various VATSIM organizations; acts accordingly.

The successful candidate must:
Be a member in good standing
Be a member of the ZKC ARTCC, or willing to transfer upon selection
Hold a VATSIM Controller (S3) rating or higher
Be skilled with graphic editing software
Maintain active status by logging minimum number of hours in accordance with ARTCC policy
Possess excellent written and oral communication skills
Be able to work well in a team-oriented environment

Preferred Skills & Abilities
The successful candidate should:
Possess a high degree of commitment and motivation
Make every attempt to attend each scheduled event

Priority is given to candidates who:
Possess experience and certification within the ZKC ARTCC
Have previous Event Coordinator experience
Have previous staff experience in a VATSIM ATC facility, or virtual airline

Application Instructions
Applications may be submitted to the Kansas City ARTCC Air Traffic Manager via email: ZKC-ATM[at]vatusa.net  Application must include:
Full name, email address and VATSIM CID
Resume & Letter of Intent

This is an open announcement, and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

What to Expect
This is an entry-level position.  The workload is moderate, especially heavy right before and during events.  All applications will go through an initial evaluation.  Candidates who pass the evaluation will be contacted for a comprehensive interview.  All candidates will be notified if/when a selection is made.
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