Copenhagen LIVE 2018 - Invitation for VATUSA

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Copenhagen LIVE 2018 - Invitation for VATUSA
« on: September 01, 2018, 04:19:58 am »

Hi all

As some of you may know an event we are very proud of, is coming up next Saturday 8th of September.

Copenhagen LIVE 2018, is an all-day event from 6z-22z where 21 danish controllers gather under one roof in Denmark, and provides ATC all day long. While we see a few American into Copenhagen here and there, we hope this will inspire some VATUSA members to take the leap and try our wonderful little airport in Europe. We have everything you need to get started.

- We have in-depth briefings of Copenhagen, so you can be max prepared including phraseology and procedures

- We have VATSIM tailored airport Charts which includes a quick one page briefings, giving you the exact overview you need to know the specifics about the airports

- We will open up with 17 positions open, including regional airports

- Our regional airports has been beautifully developed by an independent developer called Vidan Design. He is going to be holding a 35% discount on the weekend of Copenhagen LIVE. take a look at

- The day will feature 6 separate competitions, where you can sign up for the competitions before and after your flight. THIS means your chance of winning are a lot greater, since you will only be competing against people who have signed up as well. we have prizes from Orbx, Aerosoft, FS2Crew and Vidan Design

- Groupflights and Fly-in events, of several virtual airlines will be held, guaranteeing you will not be landing by yourself on this day

- Live streams of different positions during the day on twitch

Take a look at our website Here you can find all the above mentioned information and guidance. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear them. Write them here, and we would be very happy to answer or help. Hope to see you guys here!