Jacksonville Seeks a Deputy Air Traffic Manager

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Jacksonville Seeks a Deputy Air Traffic Manager
« on: October 09, 2018, 02:48:49 pm »
We're building a visionary ARTCC at Jacksonville. To help build this ARTCC, we're seeking a qualified, professional, and motivated individual to fill the role of Deputy Air Traffic Manager. This individual will play an essential role in pushing Jacksonville's cross-border, data-driven, and growth agenda.

Key Responsibilities
- Maintaining an online presence within the facility and on the VATSIM network.
- Attending staff meetings.
- Ensuring members comply with ZJX, VATUSA, and VATSIM policies.
- Assisting the ATM in the management of ZJX.
- Overseeing daily ARTCC operations.
- Leading the EC, WM, and FE and coordinating their projects.
- Fulfilling ATM responsibilities in the ATM’s absence.
- Completing special projects as assigned by the ATM.
- All other responsibilities which help to accomplish the mission, goals, and vision of ZJX.

Key Requirements
- Hold a Controller 1 (C1) rating or above.
- Possess a high degree of energy and commitment appropriate to the requirements of the position.
- Have no significant disciplinary record.
- Have no history of unprofessional behavior.
- Be in good standing on the VATSIM network.
- Be a home controller at the time of appointment.

To apply, please send your cover letter, resume, and goals you would accomplish if appointed to atm@zjxartcc.org by October 16, 2018 at 0000z. Qualified applicants will be asked to interview with key ARTCC staff and VATUSA.
Petey Shivery
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