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  • ZMP Presents Operation Deep Freeze LIVE: January 26, 2019

[26JAN 2359-0500z] ZMP Presents Operation Deep Freeze

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[26JAN 2359-0500z] ZMP Presents Operation Deep Freeze
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:00:24 pm »

Throw on your warmest socks, crank up the heat, and don't forget to pack your shovel! Come join us as we staff Minneapolis to the gills on January 26th. From 6:00 PM CST until we can't take it anymore, enjoy full staffing and realistic winter operations at KMSP. Bring in IFR or VFR traffic - makes no difference to us! If bad weather is in the forecast, expect delays for deicing, snow removal, and missed approaches - hope you brought enough fuel!

As always in anticipation of a large event, we ask that pilots ensure that they have up-to-date scenery for KMSP, including runway 17/35. ZMP heartily recommends FlightBeam Studios’ excellent KMSP-HD scenery for FSX and P3D, and freeware options for FSX/FS2004 and X-Plane are also available from your add-on library of choice.

ZMP controllers will be gathering live in the Twin Cities for a weekend of winter fun. We’ll keep the fire warm and look forward to seeing everyone at MSP!
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