Position Repost Atlanta Seeks Training Administrator

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Position Repost Atlanta Seeks Training Administrator
« on: December 01, 2018, 10:53:01 am »
Atlanta Center currently is seeking applications for the position of Training Administrator

-Reports to the ATM; VATUSA3 as necessary
-Must hold C1 rating or above
-Maintains, updates and manages training program, lessons, sweatbox scenarios, exam rubrics
-Abides by the requirements of the VASTIM Global Ratings Policy
-Implements programs as deemed necessary by the Air Traffic Manager
-Oversees the quality of the training program
-Shares a vision of a streamlined training department
-Responsible for seeking out, appointing, and managing ZTL Instructors and Mentors as necessary
-Hold periodic training meetings to discuss changes and updates
-Creatively designs training resources to help controllers progress through the training program more
-Approves exam assignment for students and finalizes promotions
-Attends staff meetings as called by the ATM
-Acts as a senior staff member, leading and supporting ARTCC members
-Maintain active online presence on the website, forum, teamspeak, and network

Although not required, it is highly preferred for applicants to be apart of their home ARTCC's training team for at least 6 months.


Interested candidates should be aware that this is not an entry-level position and not for the inexperienced. The workload is considerable and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they MAY be contacted for a comprehensive interview.

Any interested candidates should submit the following:
 - Full Name, active E-Mail, and VATSIM CID
 - Letter of Intent
 - Resume detailing your experience and addressing each of required and desired skills above and any other relevant information you would like to provide
 - Candidates from outside ZTL must submit a Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Staff Member (ATM/DATM/TA) at their current facility

Applications can be sent to: atm@ztlartcc.org

Applications will close upon the position being filed
Meg Bruck