Pretty New Year Day Flight

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Pretty New Year Day Flight
« on: January 07, 2019, 09:11:17 am »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a darn pretty New Year Day flight from PAUN Unalakleet Airport located one nautical mile north of the central business district of Unalakleet, Alaska to PAOM Nome Airport located two nautical miles west of the central business district of Nome, Alaska.

Boarding the plane in sub zero freezing weather on New Year Day

Sitting in captain seat doing pre-flight check list while cockpit window shows the view of truck belonging to Jim Tweto that a new rookie Era airline pilot accidentallly broke the driver door by opening it in powerful winds that damaged the door

You can see Jim Tweto's private GA planes!!

Taxiing to short of runway 32

Holding short of runway 32 doing final checklist and making sure there are no polar bears on runway. You can see green Era airline terminal building and the famous car with damaged driver door

Backtracking on runway 32 for take off

Airborne on climb to 10,000 ft with background view of shore of Unalakleet

Beautiful winter sun view with same background view of same shore and waters of Norton Sound

Cruising at 10,000 ft across waters of Norton Sound

Flying through clouds at 10,000 ft can be fun

Descending through more clouds

Check out my office

More clouds to descend through

Seconds before touchdown on runway 27


Braking down

Backtracking is completed as the plane taxied toward gate

Nice tail and winter sun

Arrived at gate to unload cargo and satisfied passengers

Thank you for viewing and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.  Stay tuned for next flight!