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  • ZAU Wisconsin Wednesday's: Waukesha edition : February 27, 2019

ZAU Wisconsin Wednesday's: Waukesha Edition (KUES) [27FEB 2359z-0330z]

Jack Barton

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Waukesha Wisconsin, just a few miles west of Milwaukee, plays home to the first of a few events in our series: Wisconsin Wednesdays. In this edition, we feature the Waukesha Airport (KUES), giving pilots a chance to experience an airport they may be foreign to, presenting a nice challenge. From 6-9:30pm CST (2359-0330z), come join us in Southern Wisconsin, kicking off this twice-a-month Wednesday feature.

PS: Can't join us on the 27th?, come join us on the 13th of March, where we host the second edition, featuring Oshkosh (KOSH)!

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