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  • BVA Pack the Pattern: Bradley (KBDL): April 11, 2019

[11 Apr 2019 2000-2300ET] BVA Pack the Pattern: Bradley (KBDL)

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[11 Apr 2019 2000-2300ET] BVA Pack the Pattern: Bradley (KBDL)
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:25:41 pm »

BVA's Pack the Pattern gives pilots the opportunity to fly closed traffic at one of our busier airports and experience the realism of being sequenced with IFR and VFR arrivals. This event is designed to put both our most skilled pilots and controllers to the test.

All traffic is welcome, from a piston prop remaining in the pattern to a long-haul airliner flying in from afar. Join us for a few touch-and-goes, low approaches, or a full-stop landing!

This Pack the Pattern is hosted at Bradley International Airport (KBDL).

Local Time: April 11, 2019 2000-2300ET
Zulu Time: April 12, 2019 0000-0300z

For more information, please visit the Pack the Pattern page.
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