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  • Charlie to Charlie | FNO: March 08, 2019

[8 MAR 2359-0359] Charlie to Charlie | FNO

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[8 MAR 2359-0359] Charlie to Charlie | FNO
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:15:02 pm »

An event designed between the two key Charlie Class airspaces in ZSE that feature two key airports and two moderate class Delta airports that nicely complement each other. The two areas are Portland Oregon and Spokane Washington. In Portland, we will feature KPDX and KHIO (Hillsboro). Hillsboro is a great general aviation airport that features a lot of corporate jet traffic, including for the likes of Nike and Intel.  In Spokane, we will feature KGEG and KSFF (Felts Field). Fielts field is also a nice general aviation airport.

KHIO will be great for those flying light and moderate corporate jets and single/twin engine props, and KSFF for light jets and single/twin engine props. KSFF is a shorter runway compared to even KHIO.

The route between these two areas creates a perfect opportunity to balance the departing and arriving traffic and keep controllers on their toes. If enough controllers are available we will also offer to staff the Fairchild AFB KSKA for some military traffic to/from the Portland Air National Guard Base (PANG) at KPDX. Those who also want to stay local could also fly from KPDX to KHIO as well.

A few helpful and important notes:

  • Those flying to/from KPDX, please advise if using default FSX/P3D scenery and reference the current Airport. Freeware scenery is available at by going to the Pilots tab at top. Payware includes Flightbeam KPDX and ORBX KSFF for P3D.
  • Those using FSX/P3D should note that significant taxiway changes to GEG have been made. Highly recommend using this scenery  or another scenery that has the current APD. Xplane 11 is good to go.
  • GA traffic from KPDX is at the north ramp areas and not the south or west cargo ramps. In P3D (even with Flightbeam KPDX scenery) you'll have to slew into position before connecting.  However, we recommend considering KHIO/KSFF
  • Alpha gates at KPDX are only big enough for DH8-Q400 which are operated by Horizon (QXE). Please don't connect as anything larger or you will block a key taxiway.
  • Much of the terminal at KPDX involves pushbacks onto a taxiway. This requires ATC clearance and expectation to have started engines and be ready to taxi promtly. Waiting 2+ minutes after pushback is not appropriate and delays other pilots
  • After arrivals at KGEG it may be necessary to ask those shutting down to disconnect due to spacing. KPDX does have more gate space that Spokane does. If you plan to fly back out and space is tight just come back on when you're ready to call ATC. I'm sure your fellow pilots trying to get into a gate would appreciate it.


KPDX-KGEG:      BTG PAPPS ZOOMR ZOOMR1   (Turboprop or non RNAV Jets)
                        LAVAA6 LAVAA PAPPS ZOOMR ZOOMR1    (Jets)

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Re: [8 MAR 2359-0359] Charlie to Charlie | FNO
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 12:09:10 am »
Addendum to
A few helpful and important notes:

Beware of ice !  :'(