VATUSA Seeks Deputy Training Director

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VATUSA Seeks Deputy Training Director
« on: March 04, 2019, 07:47:16 am »
Vacancy Announcement: VATUSA Deputy Training Director (VATUSA13)
Reports to: VATUSA Training Director (VATUSA3)

Job description:
Incumbent will assist in the management of the VATUSA Training Department including maintenance of VATUSA Training Policies, learning resources (CBTs, recorded videos, presentations, etc.), sub-division training staff (I1 and TA appointments and removals), and other duties as assigned.
Incumbent will also manage a Quality Assurance program tracking the Division Training Standard.

Minimum qualifications:
-Currently or recently held an I1 rating
-In good standing on the VATSIM network (no recent disciplinary issues)
-Motivated individual who can commit multiple hours a week to the position
-Ability to communicate effectively with text and presentations

Preferred qualifications:
-Currently or recently held an I3 rating as a TA of a VATUSA sub-division
-Currently or recently held a DATM or ATM position with a VATUSA sub-division
-Video editing skills
-Photoshop skills

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):
Candidates must submit a written narrative (in total not to exceed two pages) explaining how they meet the following KSAs:
1) Ability to train and motivate students
2) Knowledge of FAA Air Traffic Operations
3) Knowledge of quality assurance metrics
4) Ability to communicate effectively
KSAs must be supported by a vResume.

Application Contents:
A complete application must include:
-A vResume detailing VATSIM positions
-KSAs response
-A statement on the incumbent's vision for the VATUSA training program
Incomplete applications will not be notified.

Application deadline:
Applications must be received in e-mail by the VATUSA Training Director (vatusa 3 at vatusa dot net) by 23:59 eastern time on 21 March 2019.
Applicants deemed best qualified will be contacted for a comprehensive interview process.
Questions may be e-mailed to VATUSA3.
VATUSA Training Director
vatusa 3 at vatusa dot net