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  • Redmond thaw Fly-In (KRDM): March 19, 2019

[19 MAR 2359-0300Z] Redmond thaw Fly-In (KRDM) - (19th 1500-2000L)

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​​The controllers at ZSE will feature one of our great Class Delta airports for a small weekday evening event. Redmond (KRDM) in the heart of central Oregon is a great airport without any TRACON that receives approach/departure services from Seattle Center. 

Redmond, like much of Oregon has experienced severe late winter weather along with cold temps. By late March it'll be time for things to thaw out!

The airport is a fun regional airport for regional jets and a great central hub for GA traffic throughout central and greater Oregon. Nearby are great GA airports in Bend (KBDN), Madras (S33), and Prineville (S39). The primary focus is GA traffic, as KRDM only has 8 airline gates for regional jets like the Embraer and Canadair, as well as the DH8-Q400. GA Traffic will find plenty of space to park at the North Ramp (Leading Edge Jet Center).
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