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  • Northwest Light-Up - LIVE: August 17, 2019

Northwest Light-Up - LIVE [17 AUG, 2200-0400Z]

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Northwest Light-Up - LIVE [17 AUG, 2200-0400Z]
« on: April 28, 2019, 05:27:18 pm »

This will be a Saturday live event handled during the weekend meetup hosted by ZSE for all VATSIM members, pilots and controllers alike. The meetup will be in Portland Oregon from 16-18 August, 2019.

For sure KPDX and KSEA will be staffed.  We may also feature some specific airports throughout the ARTCC, especially for smaller GA VFR traffic whom we hope will enjoy the great VFR flying the Pacific Northwest has to offer in August.

For those interested in attending the meetup which will be held in Portland Oregon, please visit this link!
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