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  • Hot August Nights (ZOA): August 09, 2019

[09AUG19 2359Z-0400z] Hot August Nights (ZOA)

Antony Radley

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[09AUG19 2359Z-0400z] Hot August Nights (ZOA)
« on: July 29, 2019, 06:57:57 PM »

In keeping with the theme of the region, and during the nice warm weather, we are heating up in Northern California, featuring our two rising airports of our area, Sacramento (SMF) and Reno (RNO).
Join us for a night of… well who knows what might happen. Usual story full coverage. Try something new, try something bold and see what happens. We enjoy the challenge here at ZOA.
Although we do ask you plan your fuel accordingly, cause… well … stuff happens.
Date: Friday 9th August
Time: 1700 PST (2359z – 0400z)

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