Position Posting: VATUSA Web Team

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Position Posting: VATUSA Web Team
« on: August 14, 2019, 05:02:00 pm »
VATUSA is currently seeking motivated individuals to join the Web Team.  The VATUSA Web Team is responsible for: designing and maintaining the front web website, the Unified Login Scheme web application, the backend Application Programming Interface (API), assist VATUSA facilities with web-related tasks, or other duties as assigned by the Data Services Manager.

- Candidates should hold a VATSIM ATC rating of no lower than S3
- Candidates must have been a VATSIM member for no less than 1 year, and be in good standing
- Candidates should have working knowledge of MySQL/MariaDB databases
- Candidates must have intimate knowledge of PHP 5.6 or newer
- Candidates must have knowledge of Laravel 5.5 or newer
- Candidates must have knowledge of jQuery and AJAX calling
- Candidates must have knowledge of RESTful APIs
- Candidates should be familiar with Git, including branching, merging, pull requests
- Candidates should be familiar with VATUSA web systems

The desirable candidate will have intimate knowledge of: ReactJS, jQuery, Laravel, Git, and GitHub.

Interested candidates should submit their interest via email to vatusa6[at]vatusa.net with:

- name and CID
- qualifications and link(s) to portfolio, to include GitHub, BitBucket, or other projects.  Availability of server side code is preferable for review
- VATSIM-related projects and past activities

This is an additional duty assignment; successful candidates will remain within their home VATUSA facility.  Vacancy announcement will be open until the team is filled.
Blake Nahin
VATUSA Data Services Manager