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  • Tower Thursday ZOA (SMF/SAC): November 21, 2019

[21NOV19 0200Z-0400z] Tower Thursday ZOA

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[21NOV19 0200Z-0400z] Tower Thursday ZOA
« on: November 06, 2019, 03:19:19 pm »

Abit lost where to fly on the 21st? Feel free to select either SMF/SAC and surrounding fields. This is an event for our S1/S2 controllers to give them some more exposure to high levels of traffic, so if you are a new pilot or a 40 year veteran im sure you could give these lads a hand.

Airports - KSMF / KSAC
Time - 6pm PDT - 8pm PDT | 0200z - 0400z
Traffic - Airliners and GA welcome.
Details - Don't forget to pay your landing fees.

// edit; banner updated to vatusa dimensions.
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